Differences Make All the Difference

Too often we look for people who are just like us, thinking we will be happier. This Thanksgiving I realized that when you appreciate the differences between us, each person gains more from life.

I had the pleasure of spending the Thanksgiving Holiday at my house with my mother this year. It was such an enjoyable time that I took a few days off from blogging 😉

I had redone my basement flooring & cleared out a lot of clutter. I had had less, it looked cleaner, but there were lots of little things to sort and put into place.

I don’t like details all that much. I’m way more the “big picture” person. My mom on the other hand is very detailed oriented.

I wanted this basement done & I saw my limits and decided to ask mom for help. We are both very creative people but come at it from a different angle so I thought, let’s try joining forces.  

Sometimes these differences between us drive us crazy, but during the past couple of days I think we both began to appreciate the value that our differences bring to the creative process.

We went downstairs and I shared my vision for the space and my mom was dialed right in, filling in the details. Before you knew it we were bouncing ideas off each other and designing our own masterpiece in my basement.

By the time we were done with this wide open space, we’d managed to create four distinct areas using natural borders.  I got everything I wanted down there; a lounge/reading nook, workout area, office, & music room. I couldn’t be more pleased! !

As much as I’ve always appreciated the qualities my mother and I have in common, that hasn’t always been the case with the differences. This Thanksgiving I began to appreciate those dearly and for that I am grateful.

So the moral of the story is this:
Instead of always looking for people who are just like you, surround yourself instead with people who compliment your strengths and appreciate that. Just watch how your world expands and becomes more beautiful right before your very eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Gobble gobble from aneternaltraveler ;p


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