Unconditional Love

When you show compassion to another being, something softens in you as you begin to see them in you and yourself in them. This “softness” is not weakness. It is a sign that your inner being is being strengthened.

To reach out to another with a sense of knowing that you are connected to them and there is a sameness between you is to realize love.

It is simple.

They are in need, you observe this need and you reach out in loving kindness to fulfill this need.

If Compassion=Love, then “Unconditional Love” can be defined as “Compassion without Conditions”.

You do not judge, feel sorry for them, or even imagine that you might solve all their problems. You’re just there easing their distress at this moment.

When you move on from this moment, a wise part of you will share a secret with you. Psst….Giving and receiving compassion moment to moment….This is the point of life.

With love from aneternaltraveler ❤

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