30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 6

Almost a week into drinking green smoothies everyday and I am amazed by the benefits and positive changes I’m experiencing.

Today I noticed that my skin is transforming.  There are small breakouts on my forehead, as if the toxins are releasing, but I also have a bright glow to my face and nice rosy cheeks.

My nails are growing very long and strong with bright, white tips, whereas they’d usually be brittle and easily break off.

Also, my teeth appear to be whiter! I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a natural teeth whitening system!

Other than those changes, the bloating in my stomach has gone down significantly so that my pants feel a lot more comfortable when I button them.

So, I’d say that I’m off to a pretty good start and I look forward to the other benefits that await me over the next 24 days!

Stay tuned…

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉


4 thoughts on “30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 6”

  1. Definitely stay with it – I found that when I did my first green smoothie challenge, my skin did a little freaking out for a short period, and then it became glowing and radiant! I’m doing a green smoothie challenge this month too – trying to drink 2 glasses a day! 🙂

      1. That’s so great – yes it’s amazing how quickly the nutrients kick in and make you feel so good! I was diagnosed with a health condition that makes it critical or me to stay within a *very* tight weight range, or I get into trouble. Smoothies really help me with this!

      2. That’s great that you’ve sound a natural way to help your health condition. Green smoothie really are some kind of wonderful! Let’s share each other’s journey through this thing called life. I’m going to folow your blog & I sure appreciate if you’d follow mine.

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