Camino de Santiago – Packing List

map camino frances

I have begun my official Camino Countdown!  Although my journey to get to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, a quaint little town in the southwest of France and the official start point of the Camino walk, reminds me a little of that old movie, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (except that I would also add buses lol).

Here’s a look at my travel itinerary (just to get there!):

For the fans ;)
For the fans 😉

Three days from now, I will be dropped at the airport where I will fly for 8 hrs to Madrid, land at 7 AM with a 6 hr. time difference, then take a 3-hr Renfe train ride from Puerta Atocha-Madrid to Pamplona.  I’ll then walk what looks to be 1.5 miles to the Pamplona bus station to hop on a bus (Alsa) to cross the Spanish/French border into Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (which I will now officially begin abbreviating “SJPP” for obvious reasons).  At this point it will be about 7:30 PM.  In essence, Day 1 – roughly 20 hrs of travel.  

I will see how I feel the next day about starting the Camino by crossing over the tempermental Pyranees! We may not get along very well if I’m cranky too 🙂

Alright Already!  What’s in the Bag??

Aaaanywho….I digress….back to the title of this post!  What does one pack for the Camino, you ask???  Well here is what I have packed.  If it makes a difference to you when considering my list, I am 37, female, have some neck and shoulder issues, and am a big fan of muliti-purpose stuff 🙂

As you can see in the picture below, I have everything laid out that will go into the REI Lookout 40 L backpack pictured for the next 45 days. Fully loaded weight is about 10 lbs. Water bladder will likely add only another 1-2 lbs. So, pretty lightweight overall and some room to spare.

Camino Backpack Contents - 10 lbs.
Camino Backpack Contents – 10 lbs.

Camino Packing List: (alphabetical)

– Adapter (Euro 220V)*
– Arm deoderant
– Travel Sheet
– Cloth Belt
– Bladder (for water lol)
– Birth control (no periods)
– Camino credencial
– Camino Guide
– Castile soap bar*
– Cell phone*
– Charger
– Clothes pins (6 sm.)
– Coin purse (sm.)
– Comb
– Conditioner
– Conversion pants (2)
– Cords (bungee 6 sm.)*
– Covertor
– Credit & ATM Cards
– Day pack (nylon)
– Earplugs
– Fanny pack
– First aid kit
– Fleece
– Hair ties
– Headscarf*
– Journal
– Mesh bags (3 small)
– Microfiber  washcloth
– Passport
– Pen
– Pillow (travel)
– Poncho
– Rain pants
– Razor
– Shale rock
– Dri-Fit Shirts (3)
– Small notebook
– Sock liners (4)
– Socks (2)
– Spf
– Sport bras (2)
– Start up money
– Sunglasses (clip on lol)
– Toilet paper
– Toothbrush
– Toothpaste
– Tweezers
– Underwear (3)
– Wallet
– Xtra phone battery


* Electronics Adapter – You probably don’t need a converter. Most electronics now have a converter included that ranges 100V-220V. This covers US, Europe, and Asia. Put a Euro plug adapter on the end and you’re all set.
* Castile Soap – my shampoo, soap, & laundry detergent
* Phone – Samsung Galaxy S3 – If you can’t get your phone unlocked like me and you want to take your smart phone, here’s a work around. Just add Skype to make calls over wifi.  Then while overseas, put your phone into Airplane mode which shuts off all receivers, data (and wifi which you need). All you have to do is go back in and manually turn on wifi which is usually just the tap of a button.  No fear of International roaming and you get access internationally to phone and internet via wifi on the fly. Easy peasy!  Also, added a 32 g micro SD card to double as a camera.
* Bungee cords, many uses and together a makeshift washline!
* Headscarf – also my bath towel and can be turned into a fun dress if needed!

Whew!! I think I got everything!

Have you been there, done that?  Share, share, share!!

Well that’s about it for now.

❤ with love from aneternaltraveler and buen camino 😉

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