Camino de Santiago – 20 miles to Puenta la Reina

Today I lost a pilgrim. Dear Anna decided that she could go on no more and hopped on a bus to the sea to relax. She was confronted with her fears and she wasn’t ready to face them. She left knowing that I loved her and accepted her even if she CRIED AND SCREAAMED her little heart out. So, we parted ways in peace.

It made me think about how we love and make space and accept one another in relationships. No matter how we may wish to advance someone forward to where we’d like them to be, we can’t.  We don’t have that kind of control. Then the question becomes, can we sit with them and love and accept them “as is” anyway?


This camino is teaching me the true meaning of friendship, love and acceptance (of yourself and of others).

The rest of the day I walked with “Gibbs” 20 miles in virtual silence ( maybe only 10 min of talking). It was one of the best experiences I’ve had because I stayed completely present. A walking meditation. Absolutely NO THOUGHTS of past or future. JUST NOW.


Overcoming physical feelings of pain and discomfort led to mental testing, as the negative voice in my head tried to tell me to quit, and finally a kind of spiritual question that sounds something like…why are you doing this? Then comes a trance-like state that shows you — when your mind is made up your body will follow.

And so goes my camino…


Buen camino from aneternaltraveler 😉


3 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago – 20 miles to Puenta la Reina”

  1. It’s one week today, surely with all that has transpired, it seems like months. You are amazing Ginny, it has been a journey of self-discovery, the end not as important as the experiences & friendships along “the way”,I think of u every day, & mentally &spiritually am with u. God bless u as u continue.

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