The Lonely Road to Los Arcos

Today’s walking theme is lonliness. One is confronted with wandering wheat fields, rain, and very few facilities.


You are not given a choice. You must walk alone in this to answer the question of why YOU feel empty..lonely..that something is missing

Sometimes we push those we love and who love us away because we believe we are not worthy of that love. We believe that our past or our inadequacies or our weaknesses disqualify us from being given that opportunity to be loved. We sometimes believe that we must shelter others from our sadness, fear, & hurt. We feel we are a burden.


On this trip, I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes you carry someone else’s load and sometimes they carry yours.

Allowing yourself to give and receive as you are is what love is. Seeing yourself in others and seeing them in you. Being seen & seeing.

When we isolate ourselves we neither give ourselves or others the chance to know love. So we are lonely, sad and afraid when all we have to do is reach out.


Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler 😉


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