Three Kinds of Pilgrims

It has now been almost 2 weeks on the Camino de Santiago and I’ve come to the realization that there are really three types of Pilgrims (Perigrinos).


The Althlete
This is the pilgrim who completes the camino by doing small sections at at time because they don’t have or can’t make enough time. They zoom through to complete their section in time. And despite having never completed the camino they will tell you “how the camino is” much like…

The “Tour Guide”
This person has walked the camino several times and really hasn’t found what they’ve been looking for so they seem to settle for a position as a “camino tour guide”. The camino tour guide is like that person who sits beside you watching a movie they’ve already seen and proceeds to *jump* and *scream* a second before the important part happens effectively ruining the anticipation. Yup. A walking spoiler alert.

Finally, we have…

The First Timer
This type of Pilgrim had any number of ideas in their head before they came to walk 500-miles /800 km across a whole country. They are either geared up too much or show up in sneakers like a Nike commercial. But they are still excited and scared and pure. They are about to have their first and for many their last Camino. There will be blisters and threadings and tendonitis and wtf? But this should be experienced poco y poco (little by little) not shoved down your throat. This experience is a beautiful thing and should be respected and honored.

So I asknyou to remember as you walk…


The Camino is your Camino. It is not the sum of the lessons or wisdom from the Tour Guide or the short distance races won by The Athlete.

They say you never forget your first time. Make it worth remembering. It belongs to you.

Buen Camino 😉 aneternaltraveler


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