Finding Joy in Routine – 200 miles to Santiago de Compostela

With Santiago de Compostela less than 2 weeks away from my feet, I notice something a little sad on this final part of the journey.

I seem to have lost the depth and spiritual breadth that I experienced in the begining.


There is so much to learn at the start  that you might imagine that there would be less time for such contemplation than in the following weeks where one becomes a seasoned pilgrim.

I find that the day has become routine and in that the magic is lost. Much like it feels at home in our daily life.


For me, my day is – wake, walk, eat, walk, arrive, shower, wash clothes, eat, siesta, dinner, sleep. Repeat.

How many of you can make a list like this for your life at home – maybe – wake, eat, work, gym?, home, eat, chores, sleep. Repeat?

It seems as though no matter where you go, no matter how exotic it seems at first, eventually routine sets in.

The challenge seems to be noticing how awesome things are around you DESPITE the routine you find yourself in.


I think to myself, really it isn’t that this part of the Camino is less amazing than the begining. I’ve just learned to take it for granted and get into a routine where I am blind to it.

Maybe tomorrow I will try a different approach – at each step of my routine, I will ask of myself to notice something wonderful. I will pick up my head more and appreciate my environment as I walk – no matter how barren or busy the landscape.

Perhaps that’s the key to happiness – finding things to be grateful for amidst the routine of life.


Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler 😉


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