Don’t Stop Walking – Camino de Santiago


Today I was amazed that I could walk 14 km., take a half hour break and then walk 14 km. more. This sign seemed to sum it up.

I was refreshed from having taken a day off due to the “camino virus” that’s being passed around.

Today, I found the joy in the routine and things seemed a little less routine somehow. Oddly though, now I’m having a hard time sitting still.

I sit for a bit and then I feel like walking. Problem is that while this is a beautiful town, it is small. This makes me feel like a gerbil caught in a wheel (or better one main street with a really amazing bridge). It only adds to my anxiety.


It is like my body got revved up and can’t idle or turn off the engine. 

I absolutely loved my walk today. Right now, though, I feel a bit like an animal kicking at her cage.

Así es la vida…

Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler 😉

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