Stop Expecting People to Be Happy All the Time!!

Please don’t try to change how I feel without at least first understanding what I feel.

I am surely not alone in this experience. I’ve noticed it on the Camino as well. They are the people who “need” to be happy or need YOU to be happy all the time in order for them to be around you.

Can I just say…this is just so damn exhausting!

For example,

Me: I’m so exhausted. The extremes in temperature really wear on me.

Eternal Sunshine: Oh really? I love nature. I appreciate all the natural beauty. It doesn’t make me tired at all. Try to cheer up. You should be happy. Tomorrow is another day!!:) 🙂 🙂

Me: Ummmm… (silently to myself: Do I have to hate nature to be exhausted?)…Well I’m gonna go check on my nature-dried laundry. See ya…

Here is the thing. Before you chime in like some mindless, compassionless sun-shiny a**hole, take a moment to give a shit about the person who is sharing their feelings with you. Maybe then they’ll even care to listen to what YOU have to say. Heck they might even change how they are feeling based on your compassionate understanding.

Another note…Not every comment from another person requires your view. Sometimes it is ok to just explore one side for a bit. This is particularly the case if you happen to notice that the person in front of you might be too low on emotional resources to listen to the message of “hope, gratitude, & renewal” that you’re spitting out.

Learn to recognize & accept other states of being, besides happiness, in yourself as being ok. That way when you meet someone who is tired, angry, sad, lonely, etc…you can identify with them instead of trying to change them. People are not broken or happiness deficient. We just feel what we feel and feelings change.

I find that the fastest way to get to a new feeling is to accept the ones we feel and be surrounded by others who are mature enough to do the same.

Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler 😉

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