Embrace the Gap


“Never walk the path laid out for you, it only leads to where others have been.”

The Camino de Santiago reflects the ways in which we walk in our daily lives.  Sometimes we walk without feeling, seeing or listening. We are too focused on the future to enjoy the present. We sacrifice those we love, including ourselves, in the process.

Bombarded everyday with expectations and messages that we are not enough, eventually we begin to internalize this. It becomes our truth because we have lost contact with ourselves so long ago.

We’ve learned to depend on others to guide us, to tell us the way, to give us recommendations instead of finding out for ourselves.

We are so “busy” that we settle for something like life and give up on life itself.

Many of us sense inside that there is something wrong or off. There is “something more”.

It is impossible to expect to connect to yourself while you continue to do things the same way you have always done. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. Break away and embrace the silence. Be in the quiet. No music, no TV, no distraction. Just feel.

The “Camino” gives us the opportunity to surrender to our authentic self. The good news is that you don’t need to walk “The Way” to find YOUR WAY.

At every moment of our lives we are being asked to choose our way. You’ll find the answer if you really listen to yourself.

Embrace the gap between the noise – Silence – It is where you are.

Love & Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler 😉


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