Simplicity – Maximise your Minimalism :)

Simplicity – One of the most valuable experiences in walking the Camino de Santiago. Here we are given the opportunity to live day to day on a minimum – with only that which we hold on our backs.

Having to carry this weight long distances every day, you quickly learn what is necessary and what is excess.

Few people will open wide enough to let this new found wisdom take root inside of them. As a result, their return will find them with no more than a memory of brushing up against the meaning of life. Eventually even this will fade like the face of an old friend.

There is no doubt that the well trodden path is easier to follow. Everyone will support you because they understand it. They’ve done it and generations before and after will do the same. There is always a place at that table for you.


Sometime after returning home, there will come a point when you will stand at a crossroad.  You will be asked to choose to continue YOUR Camino or to continue on the path you left. The choice and the outcome belong to you.

Although, if we stay where we don’t belong, our shadows wil forever chase us when it is we who are called to chase them.

Love & Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler

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