A Message from My Wiser Self

In the last 35 days, you have walked 500-miles / 800 km. from the southwest of France across the entire northern tip of Spain until you could walk no further west.


You’ve known all manner of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. You’ve even found joy and gratitude amongst the suffering. At times even some kind of pure bliss. You’ve reached out to some and closed off to others. You’ve gone deep within and spoke to no one for days as you put one foot in front of the other as the sun beat down on you.

You never gave up.

You’ve found your strength again.

You know your weaknesses.

You’ve learned to accept the whole package.

So, you know after your return your time will come to stand at your own crossroad. You will be asked to choose the way you knew or to continue on the new way you’ve learned. Which road will you take when the stress of “everyday” life returns?

Will you remember how to find the path of silence?


Remember that the Camino begins in your heart. Every footstep follows. Listen to the voice within.

Now that we’ve finally become reacquainted, it would be good to stay in touch.


Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler 😉


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