No Time for Regret

…Regret is a funny thing. It either takes you to the past or the future…. …two places we have no power. This moment we’re living in right now is the only real place we can make a change. Don’t waste your time with regret. If you want something, you go get it. Otherwise, life can do an unfortunate thing. What’s that? …Pass you by
– excerpt from Don’t Pass Me By (2013)

Powerful stuff, right?

It made think about how often we stare at our own belly buttons wondering what we are going to get out of life.  But we go about it all wrong.  We think – Me, me, me.  We connive ways to get more, take more, have more.  We are given so much and think only about what else we are going to get.  Then we end up dissatisfied when we don’t get it.

But what have we given out?  Why does someone who has been given so much and gives so little to others deserve to be given more?

The right questions sound something like this — What am I here to do for others? What am I here to give? How can I serve?

Abundance comes from giving.  You want more abundance in your life? Give more. Stop being selfish. There is no time for regret when you are putting a smile on someones face.

Stay present. Give.

— With love from aneternaltraveler 😉

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