Gratitude Challenge Day 8 of 30


Day 8 – Gratitude for Friends & Family
I am grateful for the connection that friends and family bring to my life. For example, I’ll have a conversation with my sister and it blows my mind how often we are going through the same things. It feels like a huge relief to talk to someone who gets it from an “inside” perspective. Both of us seem to start breathing again and realize we are not alone. That connection is magnificent.

Other times I think about how grateful I am to have a neighbor who has also become my best friend. He knows me well, really listens, and has seen me through everything these last 5 years has brought into my life. When I need a hand with something or have an emergency, I can count on him. Many times he just does things without being asked because he notices that it would help me out; like bringing in my trash and recycle bins so they don’t have to sit out there all day while I’m at work. Again, being connected like this to someone feels amazing.

I know a lot of people (acquaintances) and I am sociable, but I don’t have a bunch of friends because I am very selective with who I really let in to the deeper parts of me. I am definitely the type that can count on one hand the people who are closest to me.

Truth is, not everyone is worthy of you.

So, when I do call someone a friend or open up to someone in my family and they show me love and respect back, then I am very grateful for that connection.

There is something about that feeling of connection that makes you realize that you had been waiting to exhale for a really long time.

– With gratitude from aneternaltraveler 😉


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