Gratitude Challenge Day 9 of 30

wpid-screenshot_2014-08-16-19-49-03-1.pngDay 9 of 30 – Gratitude for Technology

This one was easy for me because I really love technology. It connects us to each other no matter how far apart we are.  It allows us to see people and places we may never have the opportunity to visit.  We can wash our clothes and our dishes with such ease that we afforded time for other things. We can listen to music, create it, share it. Technology wakes us up, keeps us on track and even saves our lives. Heck, it allows me to write down and share all my “brilliant” thoughts with you on this blog! Really, the list is never ending.

Granted there are downsides to the “always-connectedness”. I’ll also be the first one to admit to that.  After all, I really enjoyed minimal technology while walking the Camino de Santiago this summer. 

Overall though, I am grateful that it is there because of how it allows me to connect to people, places, and things, in such a wide variety of ways.  


<3—————————–>>> With gratitude from aneternaltraveler 😉 <<<—————————–<3


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