Gratitude Challenge Day 13 of 30 – Smells

wpid-screenshot_2014-08-16-19-49-03-1.pngDay 13 of 30 – Smells I am grateful for.

When I first read this, the resident-8-year-old-boy-part-of-me imagined making fart sounds and imagining how grateful I am for the smells.  After I got that out of my system, the grown-up part took over and made a list.

I am grateful for the smell of…..

  • Fresh cut grass
  • The soapy smell of a man freshly out of the shower
  • Laundry fresh from the wash line
  • Lillies, tea roses and lavender
  • The unique scent of my lover & the way it makes my heart race
  • My wood floors cleaned with liquid lavender castille soap
  • Musky perfume
  • Home-made food
  • Morning coffee brewing in my kitchen
  • Arm deodorant
  • Opening a fresh jar of peanut butter
  • Pizza
  • A good burger
  • My cat’s fur
  • Atlantic ocean
  • Crisp mountain air first thing in the morning
  • Amber romance body cream
  • Leather 

…and many more.  

How about you? What are your favorite smells?

– with love from aneternaltraveler 😉

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