Gratitude Challenge Day 14 of 30 – Color


Day 14 of 30 Gratitude for Colors
I am a very visual person and I often think and dream in color. Sometimes when I compose music I also “see” the music as colors in my head.

The world is an extraordinary canvass given to us by mother nature and on which we paint our hopes and dreams.

Whether we get to enjoy a new gray skyscraper, a red robin, a bright painting, a dark fabric or the yellow line down the center of the road, we use color all the time to signify importance in our lives.

Color guides us, separates us, joins us, changes our moods, and invites us into a conversation with the people, places & things in the world around us.

The world is a more colorful place because we are in it.

– with gratitude from aneternaltraveler 😉


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