Gratitude Challenge Day 20 of 30


Challenge Day 20 of 30 – Something that I accomplished today

As in many schools, the trend seems to be leaning towards positive reinforcement to the exclusion of consequences. As an educator, it becomes more challenging to manage hundreds of students who are given fewer and fewer reasons to do the right thing. What’s more they generally don’t care about the positive incentives offered anyway.  So the undesirable behavior continues unabated because we are given no real concrete solutions for consequences.

Feeling how our hands were tied, I spoke up (and encouraged others) to express their sentiments to the representative of this new behavioral management system. We needed to get some answers. It is only 2 weeks into the school year and the outcome is obvious if this continues as is – picture anarchy among elementary school children in a lunchroom. Yikes!!

In addition to getting this added to the agenda for next week’s meeting, all of the team worked together creating a plan of action to manage it class by class.

I felt really proud that I got this started and negotiated with my team and other staff to create a multi-faceted approach. This way we will at least have the old fashioned consequence of “everyone reminding you to do the right thing  as you walk on by” 😉 while we wait for the slow moving gears of beauracracy to gather momentum.

I am all for reinventing what doesn’t work but sometimes we take it too far and miss the mark completely. 

with gratitude from aneternaltraveler 😉


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