Gratitude Challenge Day 21 of 30


Challenge Day 21 of 30 – Gratitude for Passion

Most of my life I had passion for one thing or another. I was driven to achieve, I believed in the promise of a better future, and had no idea how much I’d taken that all for granted.

For a couple years before the end of my marriage, I felt more and more distant from myself. For the next few years afterwards, I desperately sought out my passion. Where had my drive gone? Where was my zest for life? I had no dreams, no goals, no motivation. I was so depressed and at times even suicidal. Where have I gone and how do I find myself again?

I didn’t recognize myself this way. Since I didn’t know what made me feel this way for most of my life, I hadn’t a clue how to get back to it. I just knew that my life had no meaning without that passion in it. Life without meaning is damn hard to live.

Finally, two things happened; I went on the Camino de Santiago and later fell in love. Both healed my heart, helped me work through my hurt, allowed me to let down my burdens. Both are still helping me to become a better person.

When I lightened my load and opened my heart, it turns out that love and forgiveness were the main ingredients that brought back my passion.

I am deeply grateful that I have passion back in my life. I am blessed to have alowed love to redeem me and give me my life back even better than it was before.

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉


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