Gratitude Challenge Day 25 of 30


Challenge Day 25 of 30 – Gratitude for Movement

My grandmother used to say that we were gypsies because we loved to travel so much in our family. Or maybe we are like sharks we need to move to stay alive. Nonetheless, I travel anytime I get the chance. I love to explore the world around me, learn new things, and meet new people.

But it goes much further than this.

I really enjoy being physically active; enjoying such activities as dancing, walking, hiking, biking, etc. etc. It is hard to imagine my life without movement playing a big part.

I am grateful that I can move through this world and I pray that I will always be able-bodied enough to move no matter the age. To me,  movement is life.

With gratitude from aneternaltraveler 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge Day 25 of 30”

  1. I really love the idea of this challenge! Interesting to get a tiny peak into other bloggers’ lives and pasts. Might have to make a late jump onto this bandwagon and take the challenge.

    1. Thanks for leaving your thoughts Travelangelista. It is a challenging challenge because you have make the commitment to give real thought to things that we mostly take for granted. But it is worth it because it reminds us everyday that we have so much to be grateful for. I’m glad you’re loving it and good luck with your challenge!

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