Fix it.

It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words and this one really spoke to me. Here’s what bubbled up…

I wish that people could be counted on more to stick around and be dependable. I wish our whole society cared more about making things last than making them easier to replace. I wish love still existed in real life and that movies showed us what it really is. I wish I saw more people holding hands having grown old together so we’d have examples to learn from. I wish I saw them smiling at each other still so I could ask them why.  I wish people solved more problems than they made.  I wish people could be brave especially when they’re scared. I wish we would apologize more, lie less, and value each other more. I wish we cared as much about another persons “skin” as we do our own. I wish people still thought they knew “the right thing” to do and did it.  I wish we would mend the hearts we break. I wish we’d really listened to each other with a curiosity to truly understand another person. I wish by saying all these things I didn’t sound “old-fashioned” but I know I do. How about you?

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