She was old, but familiar. I wanted to keep myself moving along, but I stopped and sat next to her instead. I didn’t say anything. Nothing I thought of sounded like a good start. Maybe I hoped she had something to say to me. I had been in search of something, a kind of answer to a question equally unknown to me. But was now the time? Why should I ask this familiar stranger?

She was so quiet that it made every thought in my head seem so loud and intrusive.  There seemed to be a million things to say and nothing too important at all. So we sat there and finally my mind relaxed and got quieter.

I knew what I wanted to say. So I finally asked, “Did you ever think our life would turn out like this?” 

She looked at me and a wide smile slowly formed on her face. She stretched out her hand to place it in mine and said, it is nice to finally meet you, but I guess there is no real need to introduce myself. Finally?, I thought. “Yes”, she said. “Finally.”

And that is how it all began.