Fight for Me

“I didn’t want to leave this relationship without a fight. But the tricky thing about relationships is that they don’t work out if the other person isn’t willing to fight for it too. And he wasn’t willing to fight for me…for us.

If someone is unable to see what makes you special, beautiful and worth pursuing a future with, don’t waste your time trying to jump back into that relationship. They’re not worth it. I know it’s extremely difficult to be told that you need to move on, especially when you’re still so in love with the person, but you will realize eventually that you’re better off without someone who doesn’t look at you like you’re the greatest thing that ever happened to them.

There is someone out there for you who will be everything that you need and everything that you never knew you wanted in a partner. Someone will not only see a future with you, but also look forward to it every single day.

When someone who you have been in a relationship with isn’t willing to fight for what you had, don’t keep trying to make it work. Anyone who is not willing to fight for you, is not worth fighting for. ”

If he wants you and doesn’t want to lose you he’ll find a way of meeting your needs, if not he’ll make excuses.

4 thoughts on “Fight for Me”

  1. Well said. Too many guys think after you have a woman the chase is over. They stop caring, being interested and worse they stop trying. They make excuses as to why they can’t do or say things and blame issue on you and rarely take responsibility to change it.

    1. Thank you for leaving this comment. You hit the nail on the head. It reminds me of the movie Love Dare where a friend asks what degree you have in your wife…they get into a discussion that most men don’t get much past a high school education on their wives when they should be striving for a PhD and post grad. work all their lives.

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