2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad

Today was a mixed bag.  I finished 2 house projects – painting my backyard steps and reforming my rusted bathroom window frame into something more inviting.  I’m basically all set to do my third and biggest project – resurfacing my bathtub.  I have removed almost all the paint that was previously used on the tub.

Rusted Bath window, scraped and ready to refresh
Rusted Bath window, scraped and ready to refresh
After: BEAUTIFUL!! So, proud 🙂
Scraped, primed and painted. So pretty
Scraped, primed and painted. So pretty

So, that is my 1st out of 3 for the day.

Second, I got my teaching contract for next year set up. Yey!!

Finally, I went on a really awful date with a giant :/ I know out of the 3 this is probably the most interesting to you.  If I’m wrong, feel free to contact me for home improvement tips 😉  Have you ever met a man who was almost 7 feet tall? Here’s the thing, I’m 5’4″ – He was almost a foot and a half taller than me at 6’9″. You couldn’t tell when he was sitting down, at least.  When we both stood up, it actually hurt my neck to look up at him.

His size-matching ego was an even bigger pain in my neck. It was just supposed to be drinks, but “lucky” me, he liked me and asked me to stay for dinner. I don’t know how because he never asked a single thing about me. I guess he liked that I listened.  I tried to get out of dinner by saying I wasn’t really hungry, but I think he was so desperate to have someone listen to him that he said, no please stay you can always take it home with you.

Shit. I was trapped.  So, I ordered another beer. He went on incessantly about every little freaking detail of his life.  Then, here’s the best part – he asked me to give him feedback on the date.  I was like, what???  Are you sure you really want my honest feedback? Yes, he insisted.  I was like, well ok but you can’t get pissy if you don’t like what you hear.

In so many words I told him politely that he needs to get over himself and spend time getting to know his date.  He didn’t take it well.  I mean really not well.  He freaked out in fact. He tried to defend himself saying that he liked me so much that he was trying to impress me.  He claimed that it was my fault because I was so hot and sexy, that I made men nervous.  Umm…thanks?? So much that you can only tell me all your tales of woe?  Was that supposed to impress me?

My favorite part (as I was walking to escape to my car) was when he stopped me and said, “look the only reason I’m standing here is because I think you have value”. What???  I said, “I know I have value.  I didn’t need to hear that from you. But this is also why I’m not going to stand here and waste one more minute being yelled at by you. Goodbye and thanks for dinner.”  He was pissed, screaming after me that I never wanted a second date from the very beginning.

What a self-absorbed, entitled, jackass.

Then, peace – my car door drained him out, ignition on and I was off again to home sweet renovated home. Ahhh….

They can’t all be winners, but at least I always have a beautiful place to hang my hat. Someday soon, they’ll be a second hat right next to mine again.

with love from aneternaltraveler 😉

2 thoughts on “2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad”

  1. Really nice renovations definitely gotta get some tips. You went all Mr. Miyagi on the place! Then had a verbal karate match with a giant going all David and Goliath on his a$$ you go girl and take that giant ego down! Proud of you!

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