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Light Your Fire and Let the Rest Go

“All it takes is a willingness to let go.”

When I used to think about what it took to transform your life, I thought it meant that you had to focus on adding more good stuff to your life. I think subconsciously I already felt like I had enough occupying the spaces in my brain, so over time I gave up.  It became too much to keep reorganizing and making everything fit.

Recently, I decided to just be willing to open my mind to seeing what brings me joy.  And you know what I discovered?  

Successfully transforming your life is way more about what you let go of, not what you hold on to.


When we start to focus on what makes us happy and say YES! to it, it seems like more of it shows up and it gets easier to recognize. Also, I’ve noticed that I’m suddenly getting into conversations with people who I didn’t even know shared my interests.  It’s like you start to send out “Bat Signals” subconsciously and people who pick up on it start coming into your life.  Additionally, those who are on a different wavelength keep moving past you like you have a Teflon coating 🙂  Pretty cool, huh?

This “phenomenon” has been happening to me more frequently and it’s really caught my attention.  It finally clicked that when we make a conscious decision to focus on what brings us joy, the “stuff” that doesn’t really do it for us falls away and very naturally makes room for the things that do.  I imagine if you do this long enough, you have a pretty happy, clutter-free mind and feel quite content with your life.

It reminds me of all the clutter-clearing I’ve been doing in my house over the past year or so.  I made up my mind that I am only going to allow things in my house that I really want.  Before you knew it I had sold a bunch of items on craigslist and gave away 50-60 boxes of dead weight.  I feel lighter.  It’s easier to find things.  I know what I have. And most of all, I really enjoy the space.

If I were to compare the way I initially thought about life transformation to owning stuff in my house, that would mean that I basically thought I’d have to add more to my house to be happier.  I’d have to make room for more!! Crazy talk!!  I would never think that makes sense, but here I was applying that same philosophy to my own well-being.

“It seems so obvious now that the key to happiness lies in recognizing what lights our fire AND knowing what we can let go of.”

Tell me about how your life was changed by learning the art of “letting go” and focusing on what revs you up.

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉 

Working Smarter

So I’ve started putting some items up again on Craigslist this weekend.

This summer I created a “4 week clutter challenge” as a part of my desire to minimize the stuff own.

The more stuff you own, the more it really owns you.

The challenge was to clear out as much as I could each week and put it to the curb for a pre-arranged pickup with a local charity. This keeps you committed because you don’t want to waste the charity’s time driving by and seeing nothing. I also challenged myself to sell more valuable items on craigslist.

Long story short I’d managed to clear out about 50 bags and boxes which allowed me to gain alot of perspective in my house. And I made enough money to put towards new flooring to upgrade my basement.

So tonight as I sold another table I didn’t need, I thought to myself wow! I just made more money in 15min from the comfort of my home than I make standing for 5 hrs on my feet at my second job.

The whole point for me was that you get a lot further and end up with a lot more of what you want when you clear out the crap and work smarter instead of harder.

What do you think?

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉