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What are these Trump supporters so fucking angry about?

So….I got into a battle with someone on facebook who claimed we are all filled with hate.¬† He tried to claim that there is no basis for the frustration that so many Americans feel. He could not understand why people¬† would support Trump. I do not support Trump, but I would like to offer a reason for the anger and outrage many supporters feel. Below, is my reply. Please share your thoughts….

I get your frustration. I think most of us do from various angles. I don’t think the “why” is as complicated as we think. Republicans have tapped into a valid anger that many conservatives and rural folks feel as our manufacturing industry has slowly moved overseas thanks in large part to NAFTA. They’ve watched their jobs go away, they’ve struggled to support their families. The unions that used to protect them have all but been dismantled and they’ve put up with years of empty promises from politicians politicking their way in and out of their neighborhoods. This is REAL. This should not be dismissed and disregarded by democrats as has been the case for so long. Imagine the frustration that builds up over time when you feel your voice and your circumstances are never heard. Then, one day a guy kind of like them but also someone they aspire to be shows up and gives them a place for that anger. They vote for him, cheer for him, let al those years of anger out. That’s going to take a while to vent. Now, while the anger is valid the targets of the anger are not. But unless democrats figure out a way to resolve the circumstances that give rise to that anger in many rural communities through the USA, we will have a mostly red country for a very long time. Can we change things? Can we bring people together despite differences of opinion? Of course we can! That is the nature of the American Experiment. However, we need to come to terms, without any useless blaming, of what strategies and priorities will make that happen. Then, allocate funding to make it real. That is what will heal America. That is what will make America great again.