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You’ve Got a Friend…

During the winter I become something of a “shut-in”.  I literally won’t go out unless I absolutely can’t find a way around it. For example, going to work gets me out because I have to keep the lights on ūüôā However, the grocery store I tend to put off until it becomes really uncomfortable. Same with cleaning the house.

Now rationally, I know this shouldn’t be so difficult. However, I spend a lot of time beating myself up over not doing these “simple things” or spending time waiting to “become motivated”. This isn’t really good for me either because I feel worse about myself and nothing has changed. I can’t explain it better than saying, I just feel really blah, slow and have zero motivation.

Keep in mind during spring, summer & fall, you’ll rarely find me at home. So it’s a pretty big change when winter comes.

Today I tried something different. I asked my friend if he would go with me to the grocery store after we went out. He said, no problem.

I think the thing I learned from this is that first & foremost you have to be honest with yourself.  You have to accept where you’re at. Most importantly you have to know when it is time to ask for help.

I wanted to share this with all  of you because each of us has some seemingly “odd” thing we struggle with at least every once in awhile. Many of us are afraid to share it. Mine is a cascade of challenges that I face in the winter.

Whatever your challenge may be, instead of feeling ashamed just ask for help. You may be surprised that your friends are there for you even in your oddest moments and love you anyway.  What’s more, you get a great opportunity to be honest with yourself & give someone else a chance to know you better.

With love from aneternaltraveler ūüėČ

Don't Give Up on Yourself!


Recently I was in a car accident within a couple of weeks of accepting a brand new job. ¬†I was T-boned on the drivers side and my car was totaled. ¬†I suffered a concussion and sprained my neck. ¬†The doctor told me that because I worked out so much, I got away pretty lucky because my body could sustain the impact better than someone who wasn’t so physically fit. ¬†Still, I had a lot of healing to do.

Leading up to this, I was working out 6 days/week at that time doing a 6 week to shred program (Jim Stoppani’s 6-week Shortcut to Shred…highly recommend it). I was studying to become a personal trainer. ¬†I felt amazing physcially, mentally and emotionally. ¬†Even though my life was hardly in any kind of perfect working order, it felt manageable.

After my car wreck, I couldn’t work out for awhile so that I could heal completely (doctor’s orders). ¬†That was really tough. ¬†I felt like I lost another part of myself. ¬†I continued to work both of my jobs with some days being 13 hrs on my feet. ¬†I’m typically a very highly energetic person, but I was wiped out. ¬†My energy was at an all time low point. ¬†

At some point I think I just gave up on myself. ¬†I stopped working out completely for almost 3 months and ended up on the couch more nights than I’d like to mention ordering delivery. ¬†Sometimes, I’d skip dinner completely and just order 3 pieces of chocolate cake. ¬†It felt like I had no time or energy anymore to do the other things that were important to my well-being. ¬†I just worked and ate, rinse and repeat. ¬†I felt terrible. I had really let myself go.

Today I made up my mind to hit the gym and get started again. ¬†Hell or high water I was going directly after work. ¬†I packed my gym bag the night before and threw it in the passenger seat on my way to work to remind me. I took the advice I give others – even if it is just 20 min. it is better than sitting on the couch. ¬†Do something. ¬†You’ll feel better.

So, I jumped on the arc trainer for 20 minutes.  I still felt ok, so I eyed up the weight area and said longingly, well I guess I could do a few curls. Aerosmith was blasting in my ears and kept me going. Before I knew it I had been there over an hour!!  

As I was driving home, I realized how good I felt in my body and mind again.  When I arrived and set my things down it was chore time. Suddenly, all the little chores that have been pissing me off for the past few months seemed easier and faster to get done.  The dishwasher was emptied, clothes put away, cat litter box scooped, cats fed, dinner made, mail sorted all within less than an hour.  

Sometimes in life, we get so busy that we give up the things that made us feel good. ¬†Sometimes we can let one bad event snowball into a whole bunch of other bad habits. We stop taking care of ourselves and hope we can function on an empty tank. ¬†WE CAN’T!! But you can pick yourself up and get back on track. ¬†One day at a time. Small steps. ¬†You’ll get there again.¬†

Hitting the gym was a huge part of my life. ¬†It made me feel good in every way. ¬†I released the stress of the day so it didn’t pile up into the next day. ¬†Releasing endorphins helped me relax. ¬†I was physically stronger. ¬†Life went smoother and I could think clearly. Frankly, I was a whole lot more pleasant to be around too!

So when YOU think about giving up those good habits that keep your tank full, think again! ¬†Take care of YOU first and everything else will fall into and out of place. ¬†What’s meant to be there will stay and what you’re meant to let go of will fall away. ¬†

Personally, I got a really good wake up call today and I’m going to keep working out.

What will you do to take care of yourself better ?

Thanks for stopping by…be good to yourself.

— Don’t just be a follower, be a leader. ¬†Leave a comment and start a discussion. — aneternaltraveler