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Have You Settled for Less Yet?

yoloDo we all reach a point in our lives where even the most rebellious among us finds themselves settling? Have your dreams started to feel like old wrinkled black and white pictures of days gone by?  Do you even remember having a dream?

Is it that we reach a point in our lives in which we boil down to the bones what’s most important to us and go for that minimum? OR — are we settling for less because we are no longer willing to wait for our dreams to come true?

I talk to a lot of people who have found themselves still working in a job 10-15 years later that they said was temporary.  They were going to light the world on fire with their ideas.  They weren’t gonna get caught up in it all.  They were going to show us all how to live. We wanted to be them.  Maybe we were them.

How about the women who have given up on meeting Mr. Right and have opted for Mr. Good Enough because at least she knows he’s real.  It’s not passionate and everything you’ve dreamed, but it’s not lonely either.

And then, I think of all the things most of us put off until (the) tomorrow (that never comes), and it feels like we take for granted the time we have and the people in our lives.  Suddenly, one day you wake up (usually about the time you notice you’re really unhappy with your life) and realize that you’re entrenched so deeply in the life you HAVE created, that the life we wanted has already passed you by. Remember, those were those “crazy” choices that you talked yourself out of because it “wasn’t practical.”

As time goes on, we start to rationalize things, especially our lives.  We tell ourselves it isn’t that bad. We have to make sense out of where we “ended up”, right? How many of us have just moved the goal post and tried to be happy about it? Or maybe you openly admit that you’ve settled, because the alternative is trying to rebuild something better from scratch.  Right now at least you’re living some kind of successful life.  And maybe that has be good enough.  Whether it is or it isn’t…

Because honestly, at this point what would motivate you to bother doing better?

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉

Gratitude Challenge Day 21 of 30


Challenge Day 21 of 30 – Gratitude for Passion

Most of my life I had passion for one thing or another. I was driven to achieve, I believed in the promise of a better future, and had no idea how much I’d taken that all for granted.

For a couple years before the end of my marriage, I felt more and more distant from myself. For the next few years afterwards, I desperately sought out my passion. Where had my drive gone? Where was my zest for life? I had no dreams, no goals, no motivation. I was so depressed and at times even suicidal. Where have I gone and how do I find myself again?

I didn’t recognize myself this way. Since I didn’t know what made me feel this way for most of my life, I hadn’t a clue how to get back to it. I just knew that my life had no meaning without that passion in it. Life without meaning is damn hard to live.

Finally, two things happened; I went on the Camino de Santiago and later fell in love. Both healed my heart, helped me work through my hurt, allowed me to let down my burdens. Both are still helping me to become a better person.

When I lightened my load and opened my heart, it turns out that love and forgiveness were the main ingredients that brought back my passion.

I am deeply grateful that I have passion back in my life. I am blessed to have alowed love to redeem me and give me my life back even better than it was before.

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉