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Gratitude Challenge Day 12 of 30 – Texture

wpid-screenshot_2014-08-16-19-49-03-1.pngDay 12 of 30 – Gratitude for Texture

I am a pretty tactile person so the way things feel really impacts me.  I can’t even EAT water chestnuts because I can’t stand the texture in my mouth. On the other hand I love the moistness and sponginess of red velvet cupcakes.  

I am a big fan of most soft fabric and tend to shy away from rougher ones.  I like feeling it gliding across my skin as I move about through my day.

Art is a place where I am overjoyed that there are so many textures to appreciate!

I love petting soft furred animals like my little angel cat “C.C.”

I could probably go on for awhile, but suffice it to say I’m grateful that there are so many tantalizing textures that terrifically taunt my tactile tips 😉


—-<3 with love from aneternaltraveler <3—–


No Time for Regret

…Regret is a funny thing. It either takes you to the past or the future…. …two places we have no power. This moment we’re living in right now is the only real place we can make a change. Don’t waste your time with regret. If you want something, you go get it. Otherwise, life can do an unfortunate thing. What’s that? …Pass you by
– excerpt from Don’t Pass Me By (2013)

Powerful stuff, right?

It made think about how often we stare at our own belly buttons wondering what we are going to get out of life.  But we go about it all wrong.  We think – Me, me, me.  We connive ways to get more, take more, have more.  We are given so much and think only about what else we are going to get.  Then we end up dissatisfied when we don’t get it.

But what have we given out?  Why does someone who has been given so much and gives so little to others deserve to be given more?

The right questions sound something like this — What am I here to do for others? What am I here to give? How can I serve?

Abundance comes from giving.  You want more abundance in your life? Give more. Stop being selfish. There is no time for regret when you are putting a smile on someones face.

Stay present. Give.

— With love from aneternaltraveler 😉

Regroup – Camino de Santiago

With only 80 miles /134km remaining before reaching Santiago de Compostela, people get kind of crazy – as if competing to “arrive” first.

To make matters more interesting today is the commemoration of the martyrdom of St. James (Santiago) so there were tons of people trying to make it on time. There will be another batch of party-rockers between now and the 29th since the celebration continues.


So like being caught up in any mass hysteria, I got shoved along by the momentum.

Today was thoroughly miserable for me. I was already feeling rung out from the previous days of pushing myself and then I didn’t sleep a wink last night. 

I thought I might do as I always do tired or not – just slog the full 24 k today like taking a prescription medication.  I just prayed that I would at least find a tranquil place to revive myself.


7 k away from my goal I came upon a place that drew me in and I knew my prayers had been answered. Later when I looked in my guide it literally states that this is “an oasis of peace and tranquility”. It is called the “Alburgue de Paloma y Leña”.

All of the beauty and the nurturing environment drew me in. Hammocks, a piano (which I played), cats, a beautiful lounge, unlimited beverages, the family, the clean welcoming rooms…paradise on a budget!


I realized while marinating in the juices of this place that I really needed to regroup. I was becoming pretty miserable and not enjoying myself one bit.  

To make matters more interesting, I had a delightful conversation with an Anglican priest who also informed me that the paramount event of Pilgrims mass in Santiago – the “swinging of the gigantic incense burner” only happens Friday’s at 7:00pm mass. I would arrive on Wednesday at my current pace, so I have one more reason to slow down.


So, I learned my lesson. Slow down. Go at YOUR pace. Have a great conversation and equally good food. Remember to stay present and enjoy the journey.


The destination is the journey.

Buen Camino — aneternaltraveler 😉

Imagine a Life…


Imagine that success were a series of accomplishments that hold meaning for you instead of plodding away at a career in something you may not even enjoy?

How different would you feel if you spent your time right now on crossing off the items on your bucket list?

Imagine that you didn’t wait until later?

Imagine that you worked for something more meaningful than a paycheck, retirement fund, and health insurance?

Imagine you believed you were capable of finding a way to support your dream and took a real chance on yourself?

Imagine how would your life change?

Would you finally KNOW the meaning of happiness?

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉