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Gratitude Challenge Day 12 of 30 – Texture

wpid-screenshot_2014-08-16-19-49-03-1.pngDay 12 of 30 – Gratitude for Texture

I am a pretty tactile person so the way things feel really impacts me.  I can’t even EAT water chestnuts because I can’t stand the texture in my mouth. On the other hand I love the moistness and sponginess of red velvet cupcakes.  

I am a big fan of most soft fabric and tend to shy away from rougher ones.  I like feeling it gliding across my skin as I move about through my day.

Art is a place where I am overjoyed that there are so many textures to appreciate!

I love petting soft furred animals like my little angel cat “C.C.”

I could probably go on for awhile, but suffice it to say I’m grateful that there are so many tantalizing textures that terrifically taunt my tactile tips 😉


—-<3 with love from aneternaltraveler <3—–