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Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

Today I was thinking about how often we try to force things to arrive at a specific outcome. More often than not we become really frustrated — regardless of whether we achieve our stated goal.

It is as if we are uncomfortable trusting that things will work out as they are meant to. We need added security that we will get what we set out for. So we push and we demand and worry and plan far ahead for any eventuality we may encounter. 

We end up missing out on the experience of the journey in an attempt to “control” things that are beyond our control. We rarely appreciate the present moment for what it has to offer because we are 10 steps ahead in a reality that hasn’t even occured or may not ever occur.

Let’s say you have a dream you want to turn into reality. If you are seriously ready to pursue it you’ll start doing research,  networking & making connections with others who have done what you want to do.  Imagine you meet someone who could be your mentor but you’re not sure where this relationship will lead you or when you’ll be paid to do the work you love.

This is where the choice to trust & accept uncertainty (live in the present moment) vs. forcing an outcome (living in the future) comes into play.

If you trust yourself and trust the person your working with and you seem to be headed towards your dream, why ruin it with predictions?

Can you honestly say that there has ever been a time in your life where forcing something has ever turned out for the best? Did you enjoy the journey? I highly doubt it.

On the other hand, recall a time where you were doing something you loved and got lost in the flow of it. Did you worry what would happen next or how far ahead you’d get or how much money you’d make? Nah…you probably just lost track of time doing what you’re passionate about and you felt great afterwards. You were in the zone, fully in the present moment, lovin life.

Your happiness in life is directly proportional to the level of uncertainty you are comfortable with.

People who are comfortable with uncertainty stay in the present moment. They trust themselves & those around them who are sharing their path. They believe that they are exactly where they are meant to be at this moment. They’ve turned in their dream to the universe and trusted that it would provide  answers about what to do next when the time was right. They don’t preoccupy themselves with worry because they know that it doesn’t change anything to do so . They accept that all they have to do is act when that time comes.  Meanwhile, they enjoy each step along the way with joy and gratitude.

Remember, comfort with uncertainty is not the same as complacency.  You still have to act when the time is right. 

I’m bringing across the idea that when we force something or worry, all we are really saying is that we are really low on trust & refuse to live in the moment. We miss out on all the good stuff life has to offer and diminish our hapiness in life. 

It’s either doing that and being miserable or becoming comfortable with uncertainty and radiating  happiness & joy from one moment to the next.

Totally up to you.

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉

Leave Room for Surprises

Sometimes I forget to leave room for surprises.  The past couple of days have taught me that even in the worst kinds of situations there are people  who will remind you that your heart can still sprout wings.

Surprise Example 1)

As you may be aware, I don’t feel like my current job is the best fit for me.  I go in each day trying my best to stay positive.  I feel very under appreciated.  I’m bored out of my mind working way beneath my potential despite my best efforts to expand my opportunities.  What’s more, I don’t find many people to connect to.  Most seem to want to know about me for the purposes of finding the latest gossip topic.  So, I don’t share.   It stays at the surface and they fill in the blanks.  I want my connections to be genuine.

Yesterday, I opened up to someone at work who took a heart-felt interest in my time living and working overseas in Ecuador.  As I talked, the passion and excitement poured out of me.  I was speaking entirely from my heart. Then, I had this moment when I “came back to reality” and saw where I was. I felt so far away from this passion in my current reality it almost hurt to talk about it.

When I finished my story she said, “It sounds like you really felt appreciated there.”  I said, Well yes. I guess I did.  I felt like I was really living my life and making a difference. ” She asked me if I’d considered working in an NGO.  I said, “most definitely and I’ve applied for positions at a lot of them.  However, you need to know someone to get in.”  Then she said, “Would you like to talk with my daughter?  She works for (insert huge well known NGO) and she’s helped other people. ”  I nearly cried then I gladly accepted and thanked her when the breath returned to my chest.

Surprise Example 2)

Today, I left my lunch at home.  One of the staff that usually gives me a lot of trouble, found an extra PB&J, some chocolate milk and an apple which she offered to me.   That really warmed my heart twice over; kindness from an unlikely source and food for lunch.

Another staff said she overhead part of yesterday’s conversation about Ecuador and wondered if I’d share more.  It turns out we are very much alike spiritually and in our life views.  Finding people like these are treasures to be cherished.

Surprise Example 3)

One day a few weeks ago at my second job, a colleague and I had an all out fight that was so bad that had to be taken into the office and settled with the manager.  We were clashing in a very bad way and the tension just kept getting worse. We’d tried to settle it before, but it didn’t work. Once in the office this time, each of us just let it rip, gloves off!  It ALL came out.  Then, we had to go out and finish the shift with each other.  So we tried to make the best of it.

The very next shift we worked together, it was as if you couldn’t find two people who enjoyed each others company more.  Some strange unbreakable bond was created.  I knew he had my back and he knew that I had his.  

Today was my last day at my second job. I got hugs and thanks from other staff which was nice, but ironically he was the only one who actually took the time to give me a  card.  It was homemade and filled with simple but thoughtful sentiments.

So, from now on I will do my best to remind myself that I am not alone in my way of being in this world and to stay open to being pleasantly surprised.

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉


Here’s Your Proof!

Awhile back when it was still warm enough to wash my car, I tried to connect my hose to the faucet at the front of my house.  I’d been using the back faucet and dragging the hose around to the front which was a pain.

The problem was that the inside shut off valve was broken off so I had to use a pliers to turn it on.  Every time I did that it leaked down my wall.

Broken Shut Off Valve
Broken Shut Off Valve

So this was a no go.  I am a very handy person, but I have copper pipes and I know nothing about soldering.

My neighbor saw me running in and out of the house like a lunatic trying to see what I could do to fix it.

He said, “there’s no way around it, you have to get a new valve.  So I left it alone thinking aw heck, winter is almost coming and I’ll make due until next year.

Today, I hear a knock at my door as I’m racking my brain thinking of what to write for my latest blog post.  Who’s standing there but my neighbor with a shutoff valve in hand.  He said, “Guess what I found?”  I said, “Looks like a shut off valve to me ;).”

No Soldering Required!!
No Soldering Required!!

“Yes, but you don’t have to solder with this one. It’s new technology. You just have to cut the pipe into a smooth surface, slide each side securely into the hole, and you’re done!”  “I saw it and I thought of you so here you go!”

Then, he said “Oh and by the way, my friend stopped by last week and said he saw you raking your leaves out front.  By the time I came out, you were finished.  I have a blower you can use the next time you want to clean up your yard.  Just let me know.”

I woke up today and practiced my intentions and affirmations just as I explained in yesterday’s post “Just Be Willing”.

I couldn’t help but think about the affirmation where I say that,

I trust that the universe is providing for me everything that I need and I am safe and well taken care of.

I just want to say Thank You 🙂

I follow another wonderful blog on here that I highly recommend.  It’s called Chrissie’s Take.  Just today, she posted  that perhaps because of her new found positive outlook her family is gathered around her once again.  Read Chrissie’s post here: Grinch No More – a part of her “No Negativity Challenge”.

The proof just keeps showing up for me and for others.  Change your thoughts, change your life.

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉