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Stop Competing with Other People

I’m going to share something that I have a feeling many people can relate to even though they may keep this feeling hidden.  I don’t like competition.  Not only that.  I don’t get the point.

It often results in this “one-up, one-down” ranking that cements the idea that one person is better than another.  What’s more, there are often scenes where you can see the “winner” belittling the “loser”.  I think this is just a terrible thing to participate in.  What exactly do you win from this kind of mindset?

Keep in mind that I’ve played all kinds of competitive sports in school including, basketball, volleyball  and I was a sprinter on the track team.  I’ve worked in a gym, lost 40 lbs., and I’m a certified personal trainer.

So, I’m not even speaking from a place where I haven’t been involved in very competitive arenas.  

But here’s the thing —- at the end of the day you can only do your personal best.  You can only train to your personal best.  You can only run as far as you can run even with the best training.

Comparing yourself to someone else doesn’t do anything to improve your best.  It just sets you up to feel like you’re deficient and that doesn’t really motivate towards long-term results.  You’ve got to accept and acknowledge where you’re at in any given moment with kindness towards yourself.  Otherwise, when will enough be enough?  When will you EVER be good enough?  What happens when you lose?  Do you give up and call yourself a loser if you don’t win every competition?  If you’re not your own best friend, plenty of other people will have power to convince you that you are continually lacking; ie. never good enough.

When I train or help others train, I focus on the goals and how to get there.  Assuming you are committed to achieving those goals, then it is really just a matter of doing what needs to be done to get there.  That’s it.  No crapping on yourself or others.

Since we can’t really deny that we seem to be set up to organize information into little file folders, instead of fighting it try shifting it into something like this. Compare where you were in the past to where you are now.  This comparison will at least actually help you.  That way you see how you’ve improved and where you need work.  Then you can just do what you need to do to reach those goals.

Everything else is just some kind of pointless insanity.

With love from aneternaltraveler 😉